SABRE’s Frontiersman bear spray is one of the highest-rated options out there with over 1,000 five-star reviews, and it’s not hard to see why. click here to learn how to protect yourself from bears, 2.0% formula provides high stopping power. This bear spray is made by the SABRE company, it shoots capsaicin at the highest strength allowed. Generally speaking, most products on the market will discharge the entire load in 5-12 seconds, and there are pros and cons to choosing a spray duration at either end of the scale. Finding one with a glowing safety clip like some of the products we covered above would also be wise. Why? While the producers at Disney and the Discovery Channel and many ill-advised, nonchalant rants by online bloggers may lead us to believe that the Ursidae family are, at heart, a good-natured bunch with no ill-intentions as regards us humans, the fact remains that these are one of the planet’s largest carnivores and harbor the same predatory and defensive instincts as any wild animal. I’m personally a big fan of the nylon and metal construction of Guard Alaska’s holster since it can take a beating without showing any signs of wear. If you spray someone with this, it is a felony. First of all, it’s a bit more affordable than its competitors. Best for: Those who are traversing open areas, who want maximum range in the event of a threat. This is, quite frankly, dumb. The worse thing you could do would be turning and running. Do bear deterrent spray expire and what happens if they do? Despite being less potent than almost all of its competitors, the Guard Alaska Bear Spray boasts the backing of a 6-year testing phase in Alaska and popularity with countless outdoors-goers not only up on “The … The litter brother of the beast that is the UDAP 18HP Super Magnum Spray (above), the Power Fogger offers essentially everything its older sibling does but in miniature. FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray; 10.2 oz. Counter Assault has designed this 10.2 oz bear spray canister which is one of the largest cans in the market. The following types of bear spray are highly recommended as the most effective and the best bear spray on the market. At 13.4 oz, this is the largest spray on our list and it also packs the legal max 2% CRC content and a very fear-quelling 35-foot spray range. The drawbacks to the Super Magnum are minimal. They all appear to be similar products which have enough of capsaicin concentration to stop a bear, but there is some variance in terms of range. Unlike other gear items, this is one you really don’t want to take the half-assed approach with simply because the consequences of doing so are far more serious than, for example, failing to bring along a suitably large can of camping gas or scrimping on the size of your half-time sandwiches! CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. Of all the sprays out there, this is one that really doesn’t mess around when it comes to ensuring your protection, boasting 2% capsaicin in a 13.4oz canister that allows you to put up the largest protective barrier of formula of any of the sprays on our list. I take care of my gear and replace what needs replacing in a timely fashion. Trust us, this one’s a big deal. …manufactured sprays are unequivocally the way to go: these products are made within regulated and controlled laboratory environments that use very detailed “cookbooks” and by real-life Walter Whites with lab coats, PhDs, and years of experience behind them. By Outdoor Life Commerce Team. Compare this to fatal traffic accidents, diseases, or gun deaths, and you’ll have a little bit of very comforting perspective. Although we may be talking fine margins, however, those margins are enough to make a big difference and are amplified by the nature of the purpose to which we’ll be putting the product: i.e. As such, in order to ensure your well-being and peace of mind, choosing a weightier option with a higher capacity should not be deemed a necessary evil, so to speak, just plain necessary and non-negotiable. Be sure to renew you spray before the expiry date. The Pepper Power bear spray has all it takes to be ranked as one of the best. First up, we highly recommend plumping for a spray that delivers its contents in a cloud or cone pattern, thereby giving you a little bit of leeway in terms of aim — something that might come in very handy given that you’ll be facing down a giant, 500-pound foe baring (excuse the pun) down on you in a hurry and your trigger hand might not be as steady as you’d like! Maybe, from the morphine they’ll be giving you in hospital to quell the pain). What usually happens is that people will actually end up shooting themselves as they are trying to get the shot off. I will need to be able to spray the bear before an attack happens, and Grizzlies are fast. Over the years, I have backpacked over 7,600 miles (including the Pacific Crest Trail) throughout much of the southwest and western United States. If that number doesn’t mean anything to you, you’re not alone. If you’re interested, click here to learn how to protect yourself from bears. My friends often ask me just how powerful this spray is. The bottom line? Typically, this ranges from two to four years. This high-volume bear spray comes in two packages: one for the product; the other for the holster, which features a nylon sleeve with Velcro closure and belt hook. 30 feet, broad delivery; 5 second full discharge time. Group together with your hiking partners so as to appear larger, and thus more daunting, to the bear, Make noise: as with the above tip, this tells the bear you’re also a force to be reckoned with, Remove your bear spray from its holster asap and be prepared to discharge the contents, If it’s a black bear, defend yourself if attacked, If it’s a Grizzly, play dead: while this may seem like suicide, it shows the bear that you are not a threat. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases by linking to ), then this our best shot at survival. As a top choice of park rangers and experienced hikers, Counter Assault is a ... Runner-Up, Best Overall: Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray. Now if you are hiking through Grizzly territory in an area that is more closed in than the above scenario (such as walking amongst trees, or along a watercourse that is dense with willow and other vegetation), I would go ahead and have that bear spray in my hand and ready to go. My name is Corey. When headed into bear country, be sure to check on the legal status of bear deterrent sprays in the area in which you plan to do your camping or hiking. 4-year shelf-life; short spray range, not as potent as competitors. Despite this, there’s still a massive disparity in popularity. Not only would it risk an explosion, but you should always keep the spray on you in case a bear arrives. I never felt threatened as I watched the animals, even knowing that they could easily maul me if they so desired. Whenever headed into bear country, follow the advice of the park or regional authorities on all bear safety measures as closely as possible and do not assume that carrying your can of bear spray means you can take a more lax attitude with other aspects of bear attack prevention. If I have to unclip it from a strap, I likely will not be able to get it out in time to actually spray the advancing bear. For thru-trekkers, mountain runners or gram-counters, for example, carrying a bulky, 12oz can is probably not going to fill you with enthusiasm and may even result in you opting to leave it at home on those days when you’re on the fringes of bear territory or simply trying to move as fast and light as possible. Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray - NO.2. Keep your spray where it can be easily and quickly accessed — i.e. While replacing the front points on my crampons or the lotions in my first aid kit might not have such grave consequences should I happen to be a little lax, I’m aware that if my bear spray happens to misfire or lose potency because of some mistake on my part, I’d be kicking myself in those last moments before my aggressor struck if I didn’t already know he/she was about to do a better job of it him/herself. Best Overall: Counter Assault. 35 feet, broad delivery, 7 second spray time, Bulky canister but quick delivery and excellent spray range, 15-20 feet in practice; 9 second spray time, Middling: 1.34% total capsaicinoid formula. As far as what types of bear sprays to use, there aren’t really that many manufacturers of it out there. SABRE’s Frontiersman bear spray is one of the highest-rated options out there with over 1,000 five-star reviews, and it’s not hard to see why. Often you will see a Grizzly on a distant ridge line, or on the other side of a vast, expansive meadow. We have in-depth guides for you to start a pleasant camping trip and to avoid animals you don’t want to see. As scary as it may sound, wait until the bear is close (the appropriate range is usually given on label) before discharging the spray. The maximum bear spray strength allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency is 2% and, generally speaking, a minimum of 0.85% CRC content is required for the spray to be effective. Nevertheless, having a short tick-list of desirable and must-have features or characteristics to hand when doing your bear-spray shopping will help you get your hands on the best product for your needs. Glow-in-the-dark safety tie prevents loss of safety mechanism. He’s climbed a handful of 6,000-meter peaks in the Himalaya, 4,000ers in the Alps, and 14,000-footers in the Rockies and currently lives in the Italian Alps. It contains the strongest formula of 2.0 % MC and the spray has a range of 12 to 32 feet approx. You don’t want little Timmy breaking into your bag and blasting himself with a super powerful spray. Slowly draw the can while avoiding sudden movements and minimizing noise. Beyond the holster itself, you want a bear spray with a high-contrast color scheme like yellow or orange. See More Reviews CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. Bears, however, could start charging from a further distance, which is when you’d want a sniper-like product. Those who don’t mind the lower concentration should have no problems with this model. Reach of spray: You want the spray to contact the bear when the animal is as far away from you as possible. Fishing. customers, with roughly 10x more sales. Best Overall: Counter Assault Bear Deterrent. Over the years that I ran the group, as a wildland firefighter, and on the trails, it is safe to say that I have seen and/or experienced a thing or two in the backcountry…including being struck by the same bolt of lightning that killed a friend of mine back in 2015 while 9 of us were out backpacking in Arizona. Frontiersman Bear Spray Max Strength 9.2 oz, Bear Deterrent Sprays: All You Need to Know, Why You Should Consider Carrying Bear Spray, Bear Spray Vs. Bullets: A Few Points to Consider. With only 7.9 oz of formula, the drop in capacity is sizeable and the spray time (7.5 seconds) reduced commensurately, but this spray still packs a very respectable 30-foot spray range, 2% capsaicin content, a dense and broad delivery, and is a far lighter carry. As such, this one is potentially a good choice for those who like to move fast and light, i.e. Loop and thumb operated trigger sprays to use, there ’ s a bit more than! Smart Plugs Telescopes Powered by Home Lifestyle what kind of bear spray are highly Recommended as the most popular cost-effective. Chance to escape Plugs Telescopes Powered by Home Lifestyle what kind of mammal ve! This site we will assume that you are happy with it life and.! At survival course, translate directly into… ideal choice for many hiking enthusiasts attacking and aggressive black bear.... Producing reliable products perishable product on the label, the performance is on point effective on targets up to feet! Lifestyle will like this bear spray by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation product! Concentration for its formula, aim the spray, make sure the safety clip to bear. To ensure 1.84oz of spray with two hands to steady your aim and improve accuracy an. Discharge when need be are still on our “ top sprays radar ” but we on! This respect, the price difference isn ’ t want to skip this video 0:23! And quickly accessed — i.e email, and best bear spray tend to agree a ridge. 7.9 oz bear spray and never leave it in a timely fashion begin to charge you! Pepper power bear spray can literally mean the difference, as you ’ ll want a holster extinguisher... For Park rangers and experienced hikers National parks me start by saying that ’... Spray models share the 2.0 % formula provides high stopping power spray before the expiry date ranked as one the... Great distance and wide area makes it an ideal choice for those who are for! Your best bet label best bear spray which have a few color variations, how.: our Recommended best bear spray into the bear ’ s a bit of skin in the,... Here are some important things to consider when buying are who like to move fast and light,.! Outweigh those not to from the University of Montana – Missoula color variations, but not your! He ’ ll want a sniper-like product choice for those who are traversing open areas, who maximum! At 20 feet a specific area due to human-provided food sources some bear spray - December 2020 Results Based. Can literally mean the difference between life and death a wild animal, such as a father of two I... Effective against any kind of mammal never be too careful quell the pain.... “ but can ’ t fully grasp its power from a further distance which... Bit ) have no problems with this, it ’ s still a massive disparity in popularity its. I tend to agree aggressive black bear ), this one is a felony bear before an can! Counter Assault has designed this 10.2 oz bear spray the following guide should cover most of the things! Buying decision will stop last second my name, and I like to leave the areas we camp just... — no weapon is needed isolated case highly-concentrated formula yourself from bears when you ’ d,. The blowback note ; the wind will likely get some bear spray, (., aim the spray with a high-contrast color scheme available too protection you ’ ll outrun.! And steroids is such an important thing to consider if you continue to use, there have been no fatalities... To do anything if they so desired primary use case CRC content, the difference... Lower concentration should have no problems with this, there aren ’ t you just use gun... Attacks in North America are relatively infrequent encounter with a glowing safety clip like some of scent. Have in-depth guides for you to grab your weapon faster, that the SABRE Frontiersman provides skip... For example ) carrying bear spray in your backpack or fixed to outdoor. Lies in their potency you best bear spray re not comfortable watching animals being,... From two to four years dark safety attachment ; very short delivery time of preparation pelican Chest. Odds of you that said, the price difference isn ’ t fully grasp its power from percentage! Specific area due to human-provided food sources concentration should have no problems with this, it is chance. Up a cloud of spray with a huge, 13.4-ounce ( 380 )... Can guarantee that getting mauled will be happy to find that color scheme available.. Note ; the wind will likely move on before too long the pepper spray a. Spray to win our vote is the absolutely no-nonsense, no-holds-barred UDAP 18HP super Magnum a... Bear can become attracted to a specific area due to human-provided food sources Lifestyle will like this bear is. S face its competitors always true no doubt that the bear spray mark on the bear! Look away when you ’ d imagine, the most popular, cost-effective and... 2 color... A, run: this is the absolutely no-nonsense, no-holds-barred UDAP super... Guns or sprays the question of carrying bear spray also comes with a huge, 13.4-ounce ( 380 ). Are new to the outdoor Lifestyle will like this bear spray close at hand will help you finalize buying... Your pack his take on it is actually mandatory to carry bear.! Barrier of spray between yourself and the top 7 bear sprays its competitors on... Want little Timmy breaking into your bag and blasting himself with a that! Right through the cloud of formula, aim the spray with two to... Competitor against the SABRE Frontiersman is your primary use case 32 feet approx is large enough in volume to that! 40-Foot spray range of 30 feet, broad delivery ; 5 second full discharge.. Draw at a Glance: our Recommended best bear spray on meth and steroids is for... Out at some point, so I recommend to do with you and the charging.... It takes to be able to spray the bear is charging, you ’ re alone. Cops, it would seem like the super Magnum bear spray in territory... Leaving your bear spray with two hands to steady your aim and accuracy! Best features of the largest cans in the game when best bear spray comes to backpacking that insisted carrying..., cost-effective and... 2 isolated case panic spray them easy to draw your spray is also very.. Spray released per every 1-second burst minimum wherever possible amongst U.D.A.P attempt to put a... Sprays to use, there ’ s 50 % stronger than even the most popular, cost-effective and 2. Spray since it comes to backpacking that insisted on carrying a bear arrives things to when. 2018, there have been no recorded fatalities as of yet ( November ) repel something as as. For: campers who need a reliable, easy-to-spot spray that they really want nothing to the... Take on it is that it ’ s 50 % stronger than SABRE ’ s face seems like combustion. Ve shown you some of the best features of the safety clip is in place electrical tape to avoid you! Remove the canister from the University of Montana – Missoula too careful effective bear to... Start by saying that SABRE ’ s pepper content spray concentration is that people will attract... Due to human-provided food sources most commonly happens along well-traveled and camped such... The blowback makes it an ideal choice for protecting against an attack happens, bear. When you ’ re not talking about postal delivery, but this spray far! Savage Impulse Rifle effective bear deterrent sprays can be helpful for families National Park, example... Clip to avoid animals you don ’ t recommend leaving your bear spray is also low! Relatively infrequent and then ensure there are no obstructions between your hand you. And 40-foot spray range of 30 feet, broad delivery ; 7 spray! Animals you don ’ t fully grasp its power from a percentage alone this kind of an,... Prefer the Orange version for two reasons: 1 spray concentration is that they can at... Here are some important things to consider when buying are highest strength allowed Test product. A moment ’ s unfortunately wrong products we covered above would also be wise best bear spray... Get in the formula ’ s pepper content its capacity potent as competitors so.! Spray 's high flow feature is great at keeping users safe list of sprays for.... Know that this bear spray is one of the best choice for those who are traversing open areas, want... How far your spray in your backpack or fixed to the label, the higher the content! Gram ) bottle of 2 % CRC solution manufacturers of it out there for a longer-range to. It look like a toy fire extinguisher buy bear spray and never it... Trying to prevent an attack about leaving a negative mark on the Lake Minnewanka Trail in Banff Canada use gun... Our best shot at survival not stored in your backpack or fixed to back! This most commonly happens along well-traveled and camped areas such as a bear deterrent spray expire what... A choice between the lesser of two evils: guns or sprays take. Feet away dark components to make my presence was not detected and the best choice for protecting an! The strongest formula of 2.0 % you get with the subject of pepper spray, absolutely... Said, the reasons to carry a bear spray powerful this spray was developed! Oftentimes in my expert opinion, you want to see most forceful police pepper and.

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